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Auto & Tractor Supply Co. Ltd. Claim

Like a department store for farmers

Auto & Tractor Supply Co: Farming, Ranching and Mining Supplies in SK

Serving the Meadow Lake area for more than 30 years, Auto Tractor & Supply Co Ltd is like a department store for farmers, ranchers, miners and others who work in the field. We diagnose and repair all types of starters and alternators and sell automotive parts and supplies for every variety of motorized transportation, including off road vehicles, boats and marine vehicles, golf carts and more.

Replacement Parts, Batteries and Welding Supplies

In addition to replacement parts, fluids and accessories for nearly any type of transportation Auto & Tractor Supply Co Ltd has in stock batteries of all kinds and sizes for nearly any purpose, plus Red Tek Refrigerant, which is designed to be a direct replacement for R12 and R134A. Need welding supplies? We have that too! We sell TIG, MIG and Stick welding machines and consumables and offer a new welding machine called Thermadyne which combines the strengths of 3 welding processes.

Visit Us for All Your Needs

Whether you are in need of repair services, quality replacement parts, batteries or just about anything else for farming, ranching and mining purposes, chances are you’ll find what you need at Auto & Tractor Supply Co Ltd. Contact us or come in today to find exactly what you’re looking for.

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