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Doug The Carpenter

Journeyman Carpenter since 1986

Thinking of what needs to be done around home this year?

Get the most out of your summer vacation, enjoy the time off with your family.

Hire a professional, and get professional results.

Doug has been a Journeyman Carpenter since 1986. In 1981, he started his career framing houses in Edmonton. He went on to commercial industrial construction, and became a superintendent at the age of 26. He worked as a superintendent until 1998 when he started his own business specializing in commercial projects. In 2008, Doug decided to leave commercial construction to fully enjoy being a carpenter he has resided in Parkland County with his wife and family since 1987. Building  quality projects with locally sourced materials. Supporting other local businesses to create a stonger community.

• Decks & Railings
• Fences
• Log Furniture
• Basement Framing / Finishing
• Cabinet Installation
• Custom Projects and much more