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Pro Medic Safety

Our services are available 24/7!

Welcome to Pro-Medic Safety Ltd. A SECOR certified company. Our staff have a commitment to safety and are led by management that has 25+ years of experience in the Oil and Gas industry.

We provide care and service above and beyond the norm. We tailor our service to your needs while upholding OH & S legislation. All our staff are ACoP registered and exceed the minimum standard of training. Our fleet of ETV’s/MTC’s consist of very well maintained, top-of-the-line vehicles which come fully equipped far exceeding OH&S requirements.

Pro-Medic Safety staff is also available to consult on or design Safety Programs, Emergency Response Procedures (ERPs), STAR’s site set up, site orientations, lease access management and general safety tasks on the job site.

  • Address Box 637 Mayerthorpe, Alberta